WT2B-160 CNC
  • Specs
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    Drilling Diameter
    31.5 "
    Drilling Depth
    315 "
  • Product Overview

    The machine tool based on construction of TC2B-160/200 CNC lathe type is provided with equipment enabling drilling and boring of holes up to 8000 mm length due to use of high efficient special tools.

    The machine tool is purposed for processes, in which apart from basic turning processes carrying out long holes drilling and boring is also required.


    WT2B-160/200 CNC lathe-drill machine is purposed to perform long holes as well as external and internal turning, reaming, screw cutting. The effective values and durability of the machine tool are guaranteed due to use of driving systems and control systems verified in operation.

  • About Company
    POREBA 1798 Machine Tools Sp. z o.o.

    We are pleased to anounce that PORĘBA, a renowned machine tools manufacturer with over 200 years of tradition, has been given a chance to make a return to global markets after it had joined the family of the Polish heavy-duty machine tool factory, the RAFAMET group. The development of heavy-duty two, three and four guideways TCF and TCE horizontal lathes, as well as heavy-duty floor type TZL lathes will become particularly emphasized. We will also modernize the TCG lathes. The Poręba's experience in the field of the TR, THC, TRB, TRP and TOK lathes will not be neglected.

This Item is No Longer Made

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