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    The models of the TRO series belong to the most traditional and popular horizontal-axis transfer machines with rotary table and boast an excellent quality/price ratio. They are suitable for part machining along 2 or 3 axes. TRO can be provided with 4 to 8 stations and a number of processing units between 4 and 18/21. Operating units and rotary table are CN controlled.

    Many accessories are available and they are intended to simplify machine use to meet particular production requirements.

  • About Company

    PORTA solutions designs and manufactures industrial machines that are used in production of various industrial sectors: automotive, aviation, water industry etc. MULTICENTER technology is a valid option to twin-spindle technology machining centers. This solution is better suited for the production of medium/small batches, with the need for frequent tooling/fixturing changes. TRANSFER technology is better suited for big production in terms of numbers, where it is necessary the use of a machine extremely precise and reliable.

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