• Specs
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    Max Weight of Workpiece
    220.5 lb
  • Product Overview

    Model PBWP -100T
    Input Power AC220V   50/60HZ
    Capacity(horizontal/vertical) 100Kg/150Kg
    Table Dimension 345mm
    Table Height 415mm
    Rotation Speed 0.5-3.5/1-7/2-15rpm
    Tilt Angle 0-90°
    Tilt Mode Manual Drive
    Rotation Motor 120W
    Rated Eccentricity 100mm
    Rated Center Of Gravity 100mm
    Control Mode //
    Over Dimension 500×470×415mm
    Adjustable Chuck D-200 D-300

    1. The rotation structure of positioner is driven by the name brand DC motor, while stepless speed regulation can be achieved;
    2. The turning structure of worm and gear has the function of self-lock, and the worktable can be turned steplessly between 0-90° ;
    3. Table of welding positoner has centre through hole, which is convenient for the pipe to be clamped and positioned, and protect the gas when it go through the internal pipe, so it will improve the accuracy and quality of welding
    4. Special design of anti-electromagnetic, which reduces the high frequency interference of TIG's welding, and can improve the welding quality effectively;
    5. A time-controller can be furnished to control the working condition and working time, which can achieve the linkage of the positioner and welder;
    6. The welding chuck and adjustable-welding gun support can be furnished to fix the position of the welding torch;
    7. The track and air-powered tip can be furnished to achieve the function of self-holding to the workpieces;
    8. CE approved, CCC certificate, Exported wooden box for packing.

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    We, Jinan Possible, specialized in laser machine, such as fiber laser marking machine, diamomd girdle laser marking machine, raman spectrometer, 3d laser engraving machine and co2 laser engraving cutting machine.

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