• Specs
  • Product Overview

    deep hole scrape and rolling machine

    the range of boring diameter Φ80-Φ250mm
    the range of borning depth 500-8000mm
    the width of the machine guide way 600mm
    the height of center(from the guide way to center of spindle) 400mm
    range of feeding speed 10-3500mm/min(stepless)
    the main motor of boring box N=60kW,SIEMENS AC spindle motor
    range of drill box spindle 60-1200r/min two grade stepless
    the workpiece clamped diameter Φ100-Φ350mm
    feeding motor N=7.75kW,AC servo motor
    CNC system SIEMENS 802
    hydraulic pump motor N=2.2kW n=1440r/min
    cooling pump motor N=7.5kW n=1440r/min two group,one group is controlled by frequency conversion
    the rated pressure of cooling syestem 0.6Mpa
    the motor of extract pump N=11kW n=1440r/min two group
    the flow of cooling system 100-800L/min (two group,one group is controlled by frequency conversion )

  • About Company
    Dezhou Delong (Group) Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

    The predecessor of Shandong Precion Co., Ltd, Dezhou Machine Tool works founded in 1945, has a history of more than sixty years. In 2008, July, The company has officially renamed to Shandong Precion Co., Ltd. Besides Dezhou Precion Machine Tool Co., Ltd and Dezhou Delong (group) Machine Tool Co., Ltd, the group has also subsidiaries engaged in casting and environmental protection equipment. Its major products are large/medium conventional lathe, CNC lathe, deep hole machining machine tool and other types of special purpose machine tools.

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