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PRO HN-0604

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Type:Bar Feeds


Capacity:1.575 "

Product Overview

Type HN-0604
Bar Diameter Φ 0.6-4mm
Bar Loading Capacity 40
Bar Length 2500 (max.2580)
Weight 320 kg
Power Supply AC220V 60Hz

. This barfeeder is suitable for small and precision spare parts such as watches, electronic components, etc.
. Hydraulic-type, high loading, ensuring rotational speed up to 20,000 rpm.
. Employs MITSUBISHI AC servomotor to transmit.
. Adopts PLC control circuit which features excellent stability and easy to operate.
Various parameter settings, alarm detection and function display.



PRO MACHINERY CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of variable automatic bar feeder. Marketing under self-owned brand ‘PRO’ and ODM supplier of automatic bar feeder, matching our products with variable lathes such as ‘Swiss’ and ‘Fixed’ type CNC / CAM lathe. PRO MACHINERY CO., LTD was founded in 2001, teamed by professionals with many years of technical and field experience. We promote our products to the world market such as USA, Korea, China, Brazil, Germany, Egypt, Australia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia etc.. as well as local market. From the start of product design, production, marketing to after sales service, we work under principle of innovation and quality first to enhance customer’s satisfaction. Our company has attempted and achieved many goals and has developed into a competitive company within the CNC machinery industry. In April 2009, we celebrated our new factory plant and launched a new model.

PRO HN-0604