• Product Overview

    This larger version of the spray immersion parts washer is designed for precision cleaning of large complex parts such as cylinder blocks or heads. The SI+ parts washer features triple-action cleaning technology that combines high-impact spray, turbulent immersion with rotation, and forced flushing to remove machining oil and coolant, grease, and metal chips from newly-machined or prior-to-rebuild parts. This parts washer uses fully recirculated, filtered, hot aqueous cleaning solutions for maximum energy efficiency and reduced water usage.

  • About Company
    Proceco Ltd.

    Proceco designs and manufactures a wide range of aqueous parts washers, high-pressure water deburring systems and surface treatment equipment such as automated immersion line and slurry blast.. Parts washers product line include turntable spray washers, belt conveyor parts washers, basket washers, immersion washer, and rotary parts washers. Specialized in custom designed solutions integrating automation and complementary processes. Proceco systems remove chips, coolants, dirt, grease, oils and compounds from manufactured parts.

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