QC Y9380

  • Specs
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    Max Dia. Gear
    31.5 "
  • Product Overview

    Gear Chamfering Machines

    Y93 Series Gear Chamfering Machine is of high efficiency gear chamfering and finishing equipment, which can not only grind the full tooth form at both ends of the gear along tooth profile, but also perform single-side chamfering operation at sharp edge with different surface hardness. Since the machine features obvious effect on improving the transmission quality and reduce the transmission noise of gears, it is widely used for the chamfering operation of the transverse tooth profile on cylindrical gears with medium module, ring gears, spur conical gears, shaft gears, internal gears, worm wheels, out-of-round gears, chain gears, harmonic gears and etc.

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  • About Company
    Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Import&Export Co., Ltd.

    Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Import&Export Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in CNC gear grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine, machining center, plastic hollow molding machine, automobile fuel tank with hollow molding machine, wood plastic production line, water-saving drip irrigation production line, casting, mechanical parts, Equipment and spare parts, textile machinery parts, elevator reducer, gear and gear boxes, titanium products, molybdenum products, generators, farmland with small automatic drip pumps and spray equipment, air coolers and other products production and sales. Product sales to North America, Europe, and most parts of Asia.

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