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X:78.74 "
Y:118.1 "
Z:39.37 "

Product Overview

4 Axis EPS Foam & Wood Rotary Mould Making CNC Router
Model: BS2030CR

This cnc machine mould making router is a 4 axis cnc router, equipped with 4th rotary axis, it can do 3D EPS foam moulds, wood moulds. High Z axis and big rotary diameter, it is great for big poly foam mould making, rotary foam cutting, rotary mould making.

4 axis foam & wood mould making CNC router Features:
Multifunctional (with flat table and big rotary device):
1. Engrave flat materials.
2. Engrave column materials, rotary cnc foam cutting, rotary mould making.
3. Engrave and cut soft materials: foam, MDF, EPS, PVC, wood, acrylic, etc.
4. Engrave and cut hard materials: stone, marble, granite.
5. With low table, the Z axis working space up to 1000mm, could stand heavy materials.
6. 4 axis system could engrave complex sculptures, 3D carving.
7. Auto tool changer spindle, save time when change cutters.
9. Italy HSD 9KW Air cooling spindle, auto tool change, powerful and long cutters can be hold.
10. Japan Yaskawa high Power Servo motors and drivers.

Rotary Mould Making CNC Router Applications:
1. The mold industry: casting, automobile, wind power, ships, yacht, chemical and aerospace industry, rail transport.
2. The instrument industry: three-dimensional surface of large musical instruments, cutting and shaping.
3. Applicable materials: polystyrene foam (EPS), polyfoam, spray foam, solid foam, styrofoam, timber and non-metallic carbon hybrid materials.

Rotary CNC Foam Cutting Router Machine Parameters:

X Y Z working area 2000*3000*1000mm
Rotary working space 0mm-800mm diameter/ 2500mm length
Lathe bed structure Thick Steel frame
Table surface Aluminium T-slot with clamps
X structure Rack and pinion, HIWIN linear square rail
Y structure Rack and pinion, HIWIN linear square rail
Z structure Ball screw, HIWIN linear square rail
Resolution ±0.02mm
Reposition accuracy ±0.05mm
Max. rapid 0-60000mm/min
Max. working speed 0-30000mm/min
Spindle power 9kw Italy HSD air cooling ATC spindle
Spindle speed 0-24000RPM
Working mode Japan YASKAWA Servo motor and driver
Working voltage AC380V ,3Ph,50HZ/60Hz
Command code G code(*u00,*nc,*mmg, *plt)
Operating system 4 axis Syntec control system
Collet  ISO30
Software ARTCAM/PowerMill



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