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    CNC (DSP)
  • Product Overview

    Vector Art and Design CNC Engraver Machine
    Model: MA1212C

    This cnc router is a functional moderate size cnc engraver, 1200*1200 working area with combine control box in front, space saving. It is a good choice for vector routing, art and design engraving. Widely used in advertising store, woodworking store, design industry, art department, etc.

    Vector CNC Engraver Applications:
    1. Wood processing: processing density board, stiletto for surfing board, processing of marbles, cabinet and furniture.
    2. Advertisement:engraving and cutting of various labels and number plate, marble, etc for artistic effects on materials including marble, brass, steel, and other metallic material.
    3. Crafts: engraving characters of any language and patterns on gifts and souvenirs, primitive processing and shaping of artistic crafts, and stiletto.
    4. Molding: engraving delicate letter and flower pattern, primitive and fine processing of the small mould.
    5. Architectural models: engraving fine window, fencing and wall patterns, etc.
    6. Seal: engraving seals and medal on materials such as buffalo horn, wood etc.
    7. Label: engraving character, number, and other pattern on label for products and on product directly

    Art and Design CNC Machine Features:
    T shape heavy duty structure, keeps the machine working stably.
    2. Gantry movement with two Y axis motors, rack and pinion transmission for X Y axis. Taiwanese TBI ball screw for Z axis transmission. Improve the machine’s precision, efficiency and lifetime.
    3. High quality stepper motor with Yako stepper driver, powerful and low down the cost.
    4. DSP handle control system, easy to operate the machine and can work offline. It has breakpoint recovery function.
    5. 3kw water cooled spindle with water cooling system, it can keep working more than 24 hours just need to keep the water cool. And water cooled spindle works very quiet.
    6, Control cabinet fixed in front of the cnc router, very cute and save space.
    7, With tool sensor, easy to find Z axis origin.
    8, Software compatible with all CAD/CAM software, such as AutoCAD, CAXA, Artcam, Type3, Vectric Aspire, Castmate, MasterCAM, Pro-E, AlphaCAM, and so on.

  • About Company

    Qingong Machinery is a professional CNC machine company, who produce and export CE approved cnc router, cnc laser, cnc plasma machines, spare parts and related products. These cnc machines are very helpful in woodworking, stone carving, advertising, mould making industries and so on.

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