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Table-W:19.69 "
Table-L:19.69 "
RPM:24000 rpm
X:15.75 "
Y:15.75 "
Z:3.937 "

Product Overview

Mini CNC Jade Gem Stone Carving Router Machine
Model: S4040C

This stone carving cnc router is a mini cnc router especially for jade gem jewelry carving. 400mm x 400mm working table can be used as a submersible platform, make the jade gem stone carving surface smoother.

CNC Stone Carving Router Application:
Carving on stone, jade, gem, jewellery, granite, marble, soft metal, aluminum, copper, brass, gold, silver, etc

Jade Carving CNC Router Features:
1) Lathe bed for jade carving cnc router is cast iron wholly and firmly and will not deform.
2) XYZ axes adopt Taiwan TBI ball screw and HIWIN square guide rail to ensure accuracy.
3) Subdivision stepper motor with excellent performance, quick speed, stable operation, and large cutting movement to ensure long and safe operation.
4) Frequency conversion water-cooling spindle, low noise, high speed. High quality with 4 rows bearings inside.
5) Humanistic design, the machine can be disassembled, so it is easily transported.
6) Can continue working on break points.
7) Water sprayer and flume equipped with the machine ensure stone engraving perfectly.
8) Have work light for carving at night.
9) The worktable can be used as a water tank, and the jade stone can be carved under water, this makes the carving surface smoother.

CNC Gem Carving Machine Parameters:

CNC Gem Carving Machine Parameters:

Description Parameter
X,Y working area 400*400mm
Z working area 100mm
Table size 500*500mm
Resolution 0.01mm
Lathe structure Cast Iron
X,Y structure Taiwan TBI ball screw
Z structure Taiwan TBI ball screw
Max. idling speed 12m/min
Spindle motor power 800W
Spindle rotate speed 0-24000r/min
Working voltage 220V
Working mode Stepper
Command G code,HPGL,
Operating system DSP handle controller
Diameter of cutter φ3.175-φ12.7mm
Cooling mode Water-cooling



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