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RPM:18000 rpm
# Axis:3
X:51.18 "
Y:98.43 "
Z:11.81 "

Product Overview

Wood Working CNC Router with 4th Axis Rotary Device
Model: W1325VR

This rotary cnc machine with movable rotary axis is applicable for engraving of cylindrical objects, such as tube-type engraving, relief engraving, three-dimensional sculpture, cylinder engraving. Raw materials can be cylindrical objects or ordinary square materials.
The rotary 4th axis device is movable, when you need to carve flate objects, you can move it away from the machining table.

CNC Router With Routary Device Features:
1. The rotary axis cnc router is equipped with precise-decelerated rotating axis which makes object rotate without zero clearance.
2. Advanced CNC processing system has powerful functions and humanized operation, as well as can receive data through U disk or network.
3. Imported drivers and motors have characteristics such as powerful strength, fast processing speed, stable operation and extreme low noises.
4. High power spindles have constant power, low noises and super strong cutting force, which improve working efficiency greatly.
5. Imported and high precise linear guide ways have features such as stable operation, high precision and steady support, which prolong service life of machines.
6. Z axis adopts imported ball screw with industrial level can positioning accurately and make processing effects more perfect
7. Machine body design with high strength, which have more reasonable design, fast processing speed, easy-operated maintenance and low fault rate. With hard steel structure, fit for hard wood working, like cutting and engraving on rosewood for furniture, indoor decoration.
8. Software has good compatibility. The rotary attachment cnc machine can be compatible with various CAD/CAM design & making software such as TYPE3, Artcam, JDpaint, Artcut, UG, MasterCAM, PowerMill and so on, support 4th axis cnc router.

4th Axis Rotary CNC Router Specification:

XYZ Working Size 1300x2500x300mm
Machine body Thick-walled steel tube welding
Rotary axis 200 mm diameter x 1500mm length
X structure Rack and pinion drive, HIWIN square linear rail
Z structure TBI Ball screw drive, HIWIN square linear rail
Spindle 4.5 kw air cooled
Spindle speed 18000 RPM
Drive motor Stepper system
Max. Rapid Travel Rate 33000 mm/min
Max. Working speed 25000 mm/min
Control system DSP
Software Type3, Artcam, Ucancam
Command G code, like files of:  *.u00, * mmg, * plt, *.nc etc
Machine precision 0.01 mm
Repositioning precision 0.03 mm
Working voltage AC 220/380V
Machine Size 2100mmX3100mmX1700mm
Net weight 1300KG
Dust collector optional
Remark We can customize the model for any processing size



Qingong Machinery is a professional CNC machine company, who produce and export CE approved cnc router, cnc laser, cnc plasma machines, spare parts and related products. These cnc machines are very helpful in woodworking, stone carving, advertising, mould making industries and so on.


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