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RPM:24000 rpm
X:59.06 "
Y:98.43 "
Z:7.874 "

Product Overview

Four Heads CNC Wood Router Cutting Machines
Model: W1525VH4

This four heads cnc router is a multi heads cnc router equipped with 4 independent heads, each head is driven by one set X and one set Z motor and driver separately. It is great for heavy cutting, such as slatwall cutting, wood cutting.

The four heads cnc router is mainly used for relief processing, wood door, cabinets, kitchen utensils, chairs, decoration business, mould industry, wood panel, , wave board processing, MDF sheet carving, screen, calligraphy tablet design , , wood furniture, computer tables, and so on.

Four heads cnc router Features:
1. Machine body design with high strength and double driving motors of Y axis, which have more reasonable design, fast processing speed, easy-operated, maintenance and low fault rate.
2. More steady and strong equipped with heavy gantry, each head X and Z axis driven by its own motor and driver.
3. Equipped with 4 spindle heads (or more), can process several work pieces at one time, saving time and improving the efficiency.
4. The spindle heads distance is adjustable according to the work piece processing size.
5. You can also just turn on any one spindle head when working.
6. Advanced DSP offline control system has powerful functions and humanized operation, as well as can receive data through U disk or network.
7. Emergency stop button enhance security.
8. Function of re-carving after break point and power off, reducing the materials wasting.
9. Great software compatibility, all kinds of CAD/CAM ,such as Typ3 , ArtCam, Castmate, UcanCam, Artcut engraving software, Coreldraw, etc.
10. Vacuum table with 6 suction areas, hold the work piece tightly, save time to fix the work piece.

Description Parameters
Model W1525VH4
X,Y,Z axis working area 1500*2500*200mm
X,Y,Z axis Taiwan HIWIN square linear guide rail;
X,Y structure Rack and pinion transmission, high speed and more stable;
Y -double motor drive
Z structure Imported ball screw, high precision
Table surface Vacuum table in zones
Spindle 4pcs * 3kw water-cooled spindle        
Spindle rotating speed 0-24000rpm/min
Max. operating speed 25m/min
Max. engraving speed 16m/min
Resolution 0.025mm
Reposition accuracy 0.05mm
Command language G code, *.u00, *.mmg, *.plt, *.nc
Running environment Windows98/2000/XP
Interface USB
Operating system DSP control system
Software Type3/ Artcam software
Spindle cutter Φ3.175--Φ12.7
Work Mode Stepper
Work voltage AC380v,3 phase



Qingong Machinery is a professional CNC machine company, who produce and export CE approved cnc router, cnc laser, cnc plasma machines, spare parts and related products. These cnc machines are very helpful in woodworking, stone carving, advertising, mould making industries and so on.


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