QUICKMILL 60-252-16

  • Specs
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    60 "
    252 "
    Height Under Rail
    33 "
    Distance Between Housings
    74 "
    6000 rpm
  • About Company
    Quickmill, Inc.

    Quickmill manufactures CNC milling machines and CNC drilling machines for the machine tool industry worldwide. Our Gantry and Bridge Style vertical CNC machines offer the best value on the market today. With large part machining solutions and full turnkey systems, Quickmill is your answer in today's global market. We offer much more than a machine, including complete start-to-finish installation, training and after-sales service support for every product. And when it comes to CNC Drilling and CNC Milling, our team of professionals are the experts. Maximum Performance — Unparalleled Efficiencies — Rock-solid Dependability — Expert Service Learn why manufacturers around the world turn to Quickmill for better solutions.

This Item is No Longer Made

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