• Product Overview

    This instrument replaces several expensive, traditional measuring tools such as calipers and dedicated benches. The i360 is independent from temperature variations. The measuring is reliable and independent of potential manual mistakes of operators.

    The i360 viewer has been designed and developed by Regg Inspection in close cooperation with its customers. The i360 is manufactured to be a reliable and precise measuring instrument, while being designed to be easy to use. All measurements are taken all at one in less than a second.

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  • About Company
    REGG Inspection | REGG Rolling

    Regg Inspection design and Manufacture High Quality Inspection Systems with modular design. The machine can be equipped with vision systems for the general controls on parts by means of top and lateral view, mechanical recess control station for fasteners with a recess, 360 degree profile control, crack detection by eddy current system, dimensional laser checking, laser marking and other special application. The company has a highly skilled technical staff, which is able to design and manufacture the best inspection systems in the market.

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