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  • Product Overview

    2D & 3D Signs Making Advertising CNC Router Machine for Small Business


    X,Y working area 600*900mm
    Z working area 150mm
    Table size 720*1050mm
    Resolution 0.01mm
    Lathe structure Seamless welded steel structure
    X,Y structure Taiwan TBI ball screw
    Z structure Taiwan TBI ball screw
    Max. idling speed 8m/min
    Spindle motor power 2.2KW
    Spindle rotate speed 0-24000r/min
    Working voltage 220V
    Working mode Stepper
    Command G code,HPGL,
    Operating system DSP handle controllor
    Diameter of cutter φ3.175-φ12.7mm
    Cooling mode Water-cooling

    This small size cnc router is widely used in advertising industry, it is a helpful machine for small business. Advertising CNC router is good for signs making, logos making, decoration, crafts making, vinyl signs, carved wood signs, stencil signs, numbers, letters, stencil, stencil signs, POP signage, ADA signage, 3D signs,office signs, business signs, interior signs, outdoor signs, sculptures,Gemini Letters, 3 Dimentional letters, Mall Signs, Institutional sign, Nameplates, Braille Signs, Engraved signs, Metal signs, Acrylic letters, Donor Walls, Way finding Signs, custom signs and custom signage etc.
    This small cnc router is a very compact useful cnc kits for small business.

    Signs Making CNC Router Features:
    1. Square linear guide tracks provide large loading capacity.
    2. Imported high precision ball screw transmission ensures stable movement and high accuracy of machine.
    3. Well-known brand domestic spindle, water cooling, frequency conversion , low noise, strong cutting strength and ensuring long time mass processing.
    4. Drivers with high definition subdivision ensure fast speed and high accuracy.
    5. Software: Compatible with CAD/CAM software such as Type3/ artcam/ castmate etc.
    6. DSP control system, USB in put files, no need computer near the machine, more convenient working.
    7. Restoring function enable the machine continue to work after sudden stop, such as tool breaking accident.

    Advertising CNC Kits Applications:
    1, Advertising sign, plastic molding, characters cutting, LED light slot, light box molding, logo production etc.
    2, For most advertising material working, such as acrylic, plastic board, double color board, MDF, PVC etc, meanwhile soft metal, like copper, aluminum and simple woodworking.

  • About Company

    RICO, a professional CNC machinery company, who integrated research, development and manufacture. Provide CE approved cnc routers, cnc woodturning lathe, cnc lasers, fiber laser marking machines, cnc plasma cutting machines, cnc spare parts and related products all over the world. Giving more concern on innovation, has built up its R&D system under the support and collaboration of national scaled technical center. Technical innovation and development of new products are under processing continuously.

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