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    50 T
    12 "
    1600 (LBS)
  • Product Overview

    Our combination Broach Press and H Frame is one of a kind and the best on the market. Available in two models, a 50 Ton and the 100 Ton; this combination press provides our standard H frame hydraulic press capabilities with the addition of a broaching press. Simplify your machine shop with this 2 in 1 hydraulic combination press!

    Choose from our 50T or 100T H-Frame Press with the regular 12 Ton Broach Press, or the extra-wide H-Frame Press with a 12 or 20 Ton Broach Press on the side. We can customize any of the hydraulic presses we manufacture, so if you need a specialized Broach Press and H Frame; call us, we can build it!

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  • About Company
    RK Machinery Inc.

    A North American company, RK Machinery is a hydraulic press manufacturer that offers quality and reliable H Frame, C Frame Presses, Forklift Tire Presses, and a Gantry Straightening Press. Using a hydraulic cylinder to produce a compressive force, the hydraulic press, was also known as the Bramah press after its inventor, Englishman, Joseph Bramah. Hydraulic presses rely on Pascal’s principle which states that pressure within a closed system is constant. At RK Machinery our objective is to provide our customers with accurate & reliable hydraulic machines which allow you a high return on your investment. We will custom manufacture machine presses to match your specifications.

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