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Type:Universal Mills
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Table Size-W:15.75 "
Table Size-L:31.5 "

Product Overview

Universal tool milling machine XS8140A/X8140A
1. This machine is designed to be a middle-sized universal tool milling machine, can perform procedures such as milling, boring, drilling, and slotting, etc,
2. suitable for machining cutter, fixture, die and mould, and other components with complex figuration.
3. With the aid of various special attachments, it can machine all kinds of components; it can machine all kinds of components such as spiral, arc, gear, rack, spindle and so on.

1.Original structure, broad versatility, high accuracy, easy to operate.
2.With various attachments to extend range of application and raise utilization.
3.Model XS8140A: with programmable digital display system, resolving power is up to 0.01mm.
Horizontal working table(WxL), 400x800mm
Vertical working table(WxL), 250x950mm
Longitudinal/Transverse/Vertical Travel, 500/350/400mm
Horizontal swivel, ±360°
Inclination to front and rear, ±30°
Vertical travel of quill, 60mm
Axis inclination on left and right, ±90°
Horizontal and vertical taper hole, ISO40
Min distance between axis and surface of horizontal table, 35mm
Horizontal and vertical spindle speed, 18 steps/40-2000rpm
Longitudinal, transverse and vertical feeds, 18 steps/10-500mm/min
Axial feed of quill of vertical spindle, 3 steps/0.03-0.12mm/rev
Main motor, 3KW
Packing dimensions(LxWxH), 2050x1760x2080mm

Shandong Rooy Manufacture Co., Ltd.

About Shandong Rooy Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Shandong Rooy Manufacture Co., Ltd. is integrated in the year 1988 as the milling machine manufacturer and exporter. The company comprises 2 milling machine factories,1 radial drilling machine factory and 1 business company. It has around 800 workers and staff members consisting of 50 technicians and 36 experts.The factory is specialized in the production and export all kinds of milling machine、drilling & milling machine.. Its trade Mark of ROOY enjoys high Reputation both at home and abroad. It has successfully passed ISO9001 Quality System Certificate, and honestly commits to quality regulation of all product.


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