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Type:CNC & N/C Controls
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Product Overview

3 axises controller + MPG. USB interface. Direct connect with regular monitor.

Fan less
No Virus
High Stability
Fast Transfer data, High speed, High Finishing
High Contact Connectors
Low Power Consumption
Dedicated Embedded Operating System
1. CPU frequency: 1G
2. Memory capacity: Standard 4G, expandable up to 16G
3. USB 2.0 interface to transfer files, transfer rates up to 48 Mbits or / s
Fast transfer of large files
4. Compared with the PC, has the following advantages:
not be infected with computer virus
b does not appear similar to the computer-controlled card poor contact problem
c. systems low power consumption, the power consumption of the PC is 1/4 to 1/5
5 Using a dedicated embedded operating system, compared with the computer operating system, stable and reliable. Pulse frequency output up to 1MHz meet the high-speed, high-finishing

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