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    80 T
  • Product Overview

    The cell's components:

    1 The E3, B2 and B3 press-brakes offer accurate processing and extremely stable bending. Fitted with a fully automatic system of back gauge fingers and, if necessary, equipped with the mechanical crowning option, they assure quality and repeatability under all working conditions.

    2 The service robot has 6 or 7 axes and is run by the proprietary Salvagnini controller dedicated to handling and bending sheet metal. During the bending phase, it follows the workpiece without releasing it, so as to prevent any uncontrolled deformation.

    3 The repositioning station is a system of adjustable arms featuring suckers and is used to turn workpieces over or set them down in order to adjust the grip.

    4 The feeding station features magnetic sheet separation mechanisms with blowers, together with packholder elements and a double-sheet check device, for autonomous lights-out production.

    5 The panel unloading zone is a free area, which can be set up by the user to include shelves, pallets, open crates and so on. With a wealth of experience in handling parts, Salvagnini can advise customers on the best solution.

    6 The programming suite is a windows-based environment that offers easy access to a wide range of applications for running both production and the system in general.

  • About Company
    Salvagnini Italia S.p.A.

    The Salvagnini Group designs, builds and sells flexible systems and machines for processing sheet metal: punching machines, panel benders, press-brakes, fiber laser cutting machines, FMS line

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