• Specs
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    Drilling Diameter
    23.62 "
    Drilling Depth
    196.9 "
  • Product Overview

    The SAPORITI FL450 drilling-boring-lapping machine has been expressly designed for the complete machining of twin screw barrels. The machine feed movements slide on precision roller bearings which provide high precision and long machine lifetime. The CNC Siemens 840D controls 5 axes and facilitates the programming of billet drilling, push and pull boring and lapping operations. Main features of this special boring machine is the workpiece setup on two carriages with controlled cross feed. After finishing the first hole the machine automatically translate the barrel to machine the second one. This machine is available in different versions up to 5000 mm length and 600 mm workpiece diameter.

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  • About Company
    Saporiti Srl

    the saporiti company has been constructing machinery tools since 1946 and in those early years manufacture included horizontal and vertical lathes and milling machines. with the automation explosion in the early 70's, saporiti went beyond traditional machinery to include and eventually specialize in computer numeric control end user application machinery which was specifically tailored to meet the customers requirements and thus after many inquiries started to manufacture machinery to satisfy the plastics sector.....with today's complex designs of single and twin screws it was necessary keep these machines as user friendly as possible as to avoid complex and time consuming tool setups and concentrate on a more dedicated and flexible control system.

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