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HFBS 170.40
  • Specs
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    187.393 T
    OA Length
    13.94 '
    9.843 "
  • Product Overview

    The Schiavi HFB press brake represents the most advanced model in the automation of the bending process. The HFBs model allows companies operating in sheet metal industry to increase their competitiveness, by combining a dedicated hydraulic system and a CNC control software of the latest generation. The HFBs press brakes are particularly suited for the integration in a robotic bending cell. The HFBs model ensures great versatility and flexibility with excellent results in the production of sheet metal parts, of various thicknesses, for every possible application. All Schiavi press brakes are equipped with safety device LASER BEAM, solution specially designed to ensure the safe conduct of the cycle without losing the execution time.

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