FB28/18 NC
Discontinued Model
  • Specs
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    Spindle Size
    7.087 "
    X-Horiz Tvl of Col
    452.8 "
    Y-Vert Tvl of Head
    196.9 "
    Rot. Table W
    29.53 "
    Z-Spdl Tvl
    53.15 "
  • About Company
    Schiess GmbH

    Schiess offers the leading technology in milling, boring and turning. the product range covers middle and large special configured horizontal boring mills and vertical turning lathes with optional milling. portal machine tools are available in table or in gantry version. Schiess´s machine tools provides high quality, highest precision and economical usage. main reference and key customers are electromechanical power station builder, rail vehicle producers, aircraft industries and mechanical engineering companies.

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