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    Our large machining centers of series VERTIMASTER 2-12 are among the largest and most innovative machine tools worldwide.
    These CNC controlled portal, milling and turning centers in gantry or table design and for extreme part dimensions also in single column design can be adapted to all specific requirements of our customers. The machines cover a really wide range for various machining tasks and the adaption to a customer-specific degree of automation. Any combination of the manufacturing methods turning, drilling and milling can be realized. Also grinding and boring are, with the relevant accessories, part of the concept for our portal, milling and turning centers.

    The geometrical design and the performance parameters of the machine are individually tailored to the production jobs of our customers. Especially through optimization of necessary transportation and setup processes you will reduce the production times and thus, increasing your manufacturing capacities.

    The machine series VERTIMASTER is a machining center with the most up-to-date drive and control engineering that provide the highest possible accuracy and optimal performance of the complete machine. Due to its modular and flexible system configuration, e.g. automatic tool and head changing, an individual adaption to each customer’s requirement is possible.

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    Schiess GmbH

    Schiess offers the leading technology in milling, boring and turning. the product range covers middle and large special configured horizontal boring mills and vertical turning lathes with optional milling. portal machine tools are available in table or in gantry version. Schiess´s machine tools provides high quality, highest precision and economical usage. main reference and key customers are electromechanical power station builder, rail vehicle producers, aircraft industries and mechanical engineering companies.

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