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    40 T
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    Presses for aluminum forming are specifically designed for can production, and are a specialty from Beutler Nova. All over the world, many machines are in use, stamping the most challenging containers in multi-shift operation. The machines are developed in close cooperation with expert partners.The presses have an extremely long stroke, a large shut height and an increased bed size. The controller, with a 12-inch touchscreen as standard, has a user-friendly structure, is web-based and has interfaces for PLC connection. Peripheral devices can be integrated into the press control system.

    The PAL 400 is a double-walled, overhanging C-frame design in which rigidity has been improved with an additional tie rod fixing, while its working capacity has been upgraded by installing extra flywheel weights.

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    Schuler AG

    German manufacturer and exporter of automotive press technology, stamping and cutting technology, hydraulic press technology, forging technology, minting technology, packaging technology, drives and generators technology, automation, tool and die technology. Presses for forging, press hardening, hydroforming, conventional drawing, alternative conventional drawing, conventional drawing and redrawing, reverse drawing, reverse drawing and redrawing, embossing, punching, bending, and folding.

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