PA 225
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    800 T
  • Product Overview

    Thanks to almost 120 years of experience in building screw presses, with continuous developments, there is practically no drop forging that cannot be manufactured using a screw press. As far back as 1936, the conventional friction drive was superseded by the friction roller drive and, subsequently, direct drive. From 1963 onward, once reliable three-phase synchronous motors with rapid permitted switching frequencies were available; the door was open to a new and ideal drive system for screw presses. In this direct drive, the torque from the drive motor is transmitted to the screw without intermediate drive components, wear parts or energy losses. This drive concept represents the optimum design solution for a screw press drive – in terms of robustness, reliability, maintenance and efficiency.

  • About Company
    Schuler AG

    German manufacturer and exporter of automotive press technology, stamping and cutting technology, hydraulic press technology, forging technology, minting technology, packaging technology, drives and generators technology, automation, tool and die technology. Presses for forging, press hardening, hydroforming, conventional drawing, alternative conventional drawing, conventional drawing and redrawing, reverse drawing, reverse drawing and redrawing, embossing, punching, bending, and folding.

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