• Specs
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    131.4 hp
    CNC (FAGOR8070)
  • Product Overview

    Application of BDH3020/3
    This machine is mainly for drilling on three sides of large size H-beams or box girders simultaneously, the positioning and in-feeding of three drilling spindles are driven by servo motors, and controlled by CNC system FAGOR8070, it adopts gantry movable type, with the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and so on, can be widely applied in the industries of construction, bridge etc.
    Technical Specification of BDH3020/3
    1.Size of work-piece width 1500~3000mm
    height 800~2000mm
    length ≤20000mm
    2. Working stroke: Axis X1.X2 20000mm
    Axis U/V/W 1950/2950/1950mm
    Axis 1/2/3 700/800/700mm
    3.Moving speed: Axis X1/ X2 0~8m/Min
    Axis U/V/W 0~10m/Min
    Axis 1/2/3 0~5m/min
    4. Positioning precision: AxisX1/ X2 0.25mm/full length
    Axis U/V/W 0.10mm/ full length
    5. Drilling Unit
    5.1 Type Ram type CNC drilling unit
    5.2 No. 3
    5.3 Power of spindle converter motor 3x18.5kW
    5.4 Spindle taper BT50
    5.5 Max. drilling dia. Carbide Φ40mm
    High speed steel Φ50mm
    5.6 Spindle speed 0~2000r/min
    5.7 Max. torque of spindle 235Nm
    6. CNC system
    6.1 CNC system FAGOR8070
    6.2 No. of CNC axes 8
    6.3 Servo motor power Axis X1/ X2 2x4.2kW
    Axis U/V/W 3x3.4kW
    Axis 1/2/3 3x3.4kW
    7. Hydraulic system
    7.1Hydraulic pump pressure/current 15Mpa/22L/min
    7.2 Hydraulic pump motor power 5.5kW
    14. Auto lubrication system oil pressure 2Mpa
    15. Compress air pressure 0.6Mpa
    16.Chip conveyor motor power 4x0.75kW
    17. Total power about 98kW
    18. Total weight about 85t
    19. Machine size (LxWxH) about 30000x9000x6000mm
    All the key parts of BDH3020/3 adopt imported famous brands.

  • About Company
    Shandong Fin CNC Machine Co., Ltd

    shandong fin cnc machine co., ltd. is a joint-stock company, which is also high-tech enterprise certificated by ministry of science & technology, china.we mainly engage in development, manufacture and sale of cnc machines such as drilling, milling, sawing, punching machine tools and optical, mechanical and electronic integration equipments.

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