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Type:Plasma Cutters
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Product Overview

Technical Specifications:
1. Diameter of pipe: 60mm~600mm
2. Thickness of pipe:
by air plasma: 2.3-25mm(need drilling through bedorehand when thicker than 17mm)
by gas: 5-50mm
3. Length of pipe: 600~12000mm
4. Carrier roller with gauge: 5 groups
5. No. of CNC axis: 6 (workpiece rotating, longitudinal moving, up-down moving, front-back moving, torch swing, torch adjusting)
6. Workpiece rotation angle: limitless rotation
7. Workpiece rotation speed: MAX 8r/min
8. Workpiece rotation precision: 0.2°
9. Longitudinal moving speed (Max.): MAX 10000mm/min
10. Positioning precision of longitudinal moving: 0.3mm/1000mm
11. up-down moving stroke: 410mm
12. up-down moving speed: MAX 1500mm/min
13. Positioning precision of up-down moving: 0.2mm
14. Front-back moving stroke: 450mm
15. Front-back moving speed: MAX 1500mm/min
16. Positioning precision of front-back moving: 0.2mm
17. Torch swing angle:±60°
18. Torch swing speed: MAX 18r/min
19. Torch swing precision: 0.2°
20. Torch adjusting stroke: 70mm
21. Torch adjusting precision: 0.3mm
22. Workpiece clamping mode: 5 jaws self-centering chuck
23. Cutting mode: air plasma cutting/gas cutting

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