• Specs
  • Product Overview

    Motor of drilling spindle 7.5 kW

    Workpiece size
    Max. thickness Max. 80mm
    Width x Length 1600mm×3000mm    1 piece
    1500mm×1600mm    2 piece
    800mm×1500mm    4 piece
    Quick change chuck Morse 3#、4#bore-hole
    Drilling dia. Common twist drill Φ12-Φ50mm
    High speed steel drill with coating Φ15-Φ40mm
    Gearshift mode Transducer stepless adjustment
    Rotate speed Twist drill 120-560r/min
    High speed steel with coating    reached 900r/min
    Stroke length 240mm
    Processing feeding Servo feeding
    Workpiece clamping
    Clamping thickness 15-80mm
    Quantity of clamping cylinder 12个
    Clamping force 7.5KN
    Clamping start Foot switch
               Mode Forced circulation
    Cubage 100L
    Clamping pressure 6MPa(60kgf/cm2)
    Air pressure
    Air supply 0.6MPa(6kgf/cm2)
          Motor of drilling spindle 7.5KW
    Motor of hydraulic pump 2.2KW
    Motor of cooling pump 0.45KW
    Servo of X axis 1.5KW
    Servo of Y axis 1.0KW
    Servo of Z axis 1.0KW
    Controlled axes X、Y 、Z
    Stroke X axis 3000mm
    Y axis 1600mm
    Z axis 240mm
    Max position speed 8000mm/min

    Applications of PLD3016B
    The machine can use inner-cooling high speed steel drilling head with coating, it can significantly increase the efficiency of production and improve the processing precision.

    All axes are driven by servo motor and ball-screw which can ensure the positioning and processing accuracy. It is high-efficiency processing equipment for steel plate.

  • About Company
    Shandong Fin CNC Machine Co., Ltd

    shandong fin cnc machine co., ltd. is a joint-stock company, which is also high-tech enterprise certificated by ministry of science & technology, china.we mainly engage in development, manufacture and sale of cnc machines such as drilling, milling, sawing, punching machine tools and optical, mechanical and electronic integration equipments.

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