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    This production line is used for the CNC punching of the large plates used for truck chassis, and the machine can process both rectangular plate and abnormal-shaped plate. The production line has the advantages of high precision, fast punching speed and high efficiency.
    The main technical specification of PPL1255:

    Work piece thickness 4~12 mm
    Work piece length 4000~12000 mm
    Work piece thickness 250~550 mm
    Conveyor height 800 mm
    Nominal punching force 1200 KN
    No. of die stations 25 pcs
    Center distance precision between holes
    X direction (work piece feeding direction) X≤±0.15/400 mm
    X≤±0.30/3000 mm
    X≤±0.50/12000 mm
    Y direction (horizontal direction which is perpendicular to X axis) Y≤±0.20 mm
    Hydraulic system H+L or assembled in China
    Hydraulic pressure
    High pressure 24 MPa
    Low pressure 6~8
    Compressed air pressure 0.6 MPa
    Control system PLC or Siemens
    Total power 80 KW
    Machine weight Approx. 50000 kg
    Machine size (L*W*H) Approx. 27000*8000*3500 mm

  • About Company
    Shandong Fin CNC Machine Co., Ltd

    shandong fin cnc machine co., ltd. is a joint-stock company, which is also high-tech enterprise certificated by ministry of science & technology, china.we mainly engage in development, manufacture and sale of cnc machines such as drilling, milling, sawing, punching machine tools and optical, mechanical and electronic integration equipments.

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