• Product Overview

    Ring Welding Machine For Steel Pipe and Flange Model PW1012

    Welding type of steel pipe and flange Plug-welding, Butt-welding
    Material of workpiece Carbon steel, alloy steel
    Diameter of steel pipe (mm) φ219~φ1000
    Diameter of flange(mm) φ350~φ1400
    Wall thickness of steel pipe(mm) 6~30
    Thickness of flange(mm) 15~60
    Length of steel pipe (m) 4 ~12
    Ellipticity of steel pipe <1% the diameter of pipe
    End face runout of steel pipe (mm) <5
    Welding speed (mm/min) 100~500
    Swing range of welding torch (mm) 0.5
    Max. swing range of welding torch (mm) ±25
    Swing frequency of welding torch (times/min.) 20~60
    Stay time of welding torch (S) 0~5
    Motor power of hydraulic pump(kW) 2×1.5,3×3
    Norminal pressure of hydraulic system (MPa) 0.6
    Capacity of cooling water (L/min.) 20
    Input power supply (three phase AC) 380V,50Hz
    Air pressure(MPa) 0.5
    Total capacity (kVA) Approx. 232
    Total weight (t) Approx. 65
    Total overall size (m) Approx. 52×10.5×3

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