• Specs
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    Angle (L1)
    7.087 "
    Angle (L2)
    7.087 "
    Angle (T)
    0.6299 "
    154.323 T
    3.15 "
  • Product Overview

    冲压力(吨) Pressure(ton) 140
    可剪最大板厚(毫米)Max. Cutting thickness(mm) 30
    板料强度(牛顿/毫米2)Plate strength (n/mm2) ≤450
    剪切角Cutting angle (degree) 8°
    一次行程剪板尺寸(厚×宽)(毫米)Shearing size of one stroke(mm) 30×355
    滑块行程Ram stoke (mm) 80
    行程次数(次/分)Number of strokes (cpm) 6
    喉口深度(毫米)Throat dupth(mm) 600
    冲孔厚度(毫米)Throat dupth (mm) 26
    最大冲孔直径(毫米)Punching diameter (mm) 38
    主电机功率(千瓦)Power of main motor (kw) 11

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    Shanghai Bohai Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

    Bohai Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded in 1989. we specially manufacture hydraulic press brake,shearing machine and rolling machine. with 30 years' experience in this field, we can supply you high quality machines with competetive price. Fabrication shops and major manufacturing plants around the world use our machines every day to produce their products. To them, our machines are the backbones of the operation. We don't take this responsibility lightly. We know that the machines we manufacture play a big role in today's economy. Because of this, we strive to continue to improve our products. The people at Anhui Krras Machine Tool Co., Ltd. have a long solid history of producing the most advanced machine tools in the business. They bring years of experience to the operation, and can make sure that the machine leaving the factory lives up to the highest expectations. Please enjoy our website and feel free to look over our great machines. We hope you will join the satisfied customers who own BOHAI machine, because we know you are our future. our factories located in Shanghai and Nanjing. we can cover the globe with our machines. We have a worldwide dealer network that is able to take care of our customers needs. Our factory's support team is able to take care of any questions a customer may have. We look forward to your business.

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