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    Hydraulic deep drawing presses with capacity up to 400 ton.
    Hydraulic presses are used in a wide range of applications of industries involving sheet metal working.
    They are typically used in the production of: bottom ends, tanks, Lpg tanks, cooker tops, domestic appliances, drinks containers, stainless steel pots, pans and lid, pressurised containers, gas cylinders, wheelbarrow bodies, square, round and rectangular sinks, submerged pump, boilers, water heaters, expansion tanks, air and oil filters, car silencers, car parts, fuel tanks, gas shells, fire extinguishers, lamps, mixing bowls, metal boxes, gas meter shell, structural element for cars, car bodies.

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  • About Company

    Sheet Metal Men s.r.l. constructs metalforming machines like: - Trimming-beading machines for working operations, such as beading, trimming, flanging, curling, and lock-seaming, on round and/or polygonal section flat or drawn sheet metal elements. - Hydraulic presses: for deep-drawing, for sheet metal high resistance hot stamping, for assembling, for straightening. - Machines for testing expansion tanks, for testing oil filters, for testing leakage on welded flanges. - Special machines designed to customer specifications: marbling machines, plate packages tilters, longitudinal folding machines, hydraulic shearing machines.

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