• Specs
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    Spindle Size
    5.118 "
    X-Horiz Tvl of Col
    236.2 "
    Y-Vert Tvl of Head
    78.74 "
  • Product Overview

    Diameter of boring bar Φ130 mm
    End diameter of boring bar Φ221.44 mm
    Taper hole of spindle  ISO50
    Ram section 400×450 mm
    Max.output torque of spindle 2250 N.m
    Distance between spindle center line to worktable surface 560 mm
    Column travel of X axis 6000(O.P:8000、10000、12000) mm
    Headstock travel of Y axis 2000(O.P:2500) mm
    Ram travel of Z axis 700 mm
    Boring bar travel of W axis 700 mm
    Spindle speed range 20~1500 r/min
    X,Y,Z,W axis rapid feed rate 10000 mm/min
    X,Y,Z,W axis feed rate range 1~5000 mm/min
    Main motor power 37/51 Kw
    X,Y,Z, axis positioning accuracy 0.015/1000 mm
    W axis positioning accuracy 0.03 mm
    X,Y,Z, axis repeat positioning accuracy 0.015 mm
    W axis repeat positioning accuracy 0.02 mm
    Tool magazine capacity 40 Tools
    Tool change time(T-T) 15 s
    Max.tool diameter Φ125/Φ250 mm
    Max.tool weight 25 kg
    Max.tool length 400 mm
    Tool shank BT50
    Pull stud LDB-50BT
    Rotary table dimension(L×W) 2000×2000 mm
    T-slot width on rotary worktable 22 mm
    Worktable straight-line motion travel of V axis 1600 mm
    Worktable rotary angle of B axis  360°
    Rapid feed rate of V axis 6000 mm/min
    Rapid feed rate of B axis 2 r/min
    Positioning accuracy V axis 0.02 mm
    Positioning accuracy B axis ±6″
    Repeat positioning accuracy V axis 0.015/1000 mm
    Repeat positioning accuracy B axis ±3″
    Max.rotary worktable load. 15000 kg
    Power supply 3×380 V
    Machine weight 11920×5780×5000 mm
    External dimension of machine(L×W×H) 140 T

  • About Company
    Jiangsu Shinri Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

    jiangsu shinri machinery ltd. is one of strongest manufacturers concentrated in cnc machines, located at changzhou, 150 miles west of shanghai with following highlights to draw the eye balls around the world: *be one of four industrial divisions of the shinri group, supported and combined with locomotive, wind power, shredder (office). *an assistant large casting plant is coming to be finished by september. *be the strongest cnc machine builder of 100% private ownership in china. *with three production bases: shinri, changcheng, sdl. *a complete list of cnc machines. -cnc machining center (vertical, horizontal) -cnc lathe (vertical, horizontal) -cnc double columns machine (gantry) -die casting machine (aluminum) -press brake -laser cutter -fems -robot ...etc.

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