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Table-W:60 "
Table-L:125 "
X:60 "
Y:125 "
Z:16 "
Control:CNC (WINCNC)
Dimensions:90" x 155" x 90"
Weight:3000 (LBS)

Product Overview

This system is our largest Production Series model. It is designed to handle 5x10 sheets. As always this system is designed with heavy duty Steel frame construction, Steel Tube Gantry with Tube Steel Uprights, Linear Guide Rails and Bearings with hidden Y Axis bearings for added precision, life, and less maintenance, Precision Anti-Backlash ball screws on all axis with the industry most affordable Dual Y Axis Ball Screw drive. This machine comes standard with high end electronic components including our Mitsubishi Servo Drive system, and many other industrial components. The PRO510 is designed to produce high quality parts whether it be sheet goods, one off parts, or a little of everything this machine packs the punch you need. This system works well for crafts, signs, cabinets, furniture, R & D projects, hobbyists at home or the educational system. The ShopSabre PRO510 will provide you with years of problem free service and the quality you have come expect from a ShopSabre CNC.

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