IS 612
  • Specs
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    75 "
    145 "
    16 "
    110” x 185” x 98”
  • Product Overview

    This machine Simply put is an Industry Changer! This CNC System is everything you could want in a CNC today and so much more. It’s not only American Built & Supported like all of ShopSabre products but it’s built with the top of the line components and engineered to be the best and top of the line. This machine design and specs are very similar to what you would find in machines retailing for well over $80,000. This machine provides you the most solid frame construction for the pricing and is well over built from its massive steel tube stands and frames all the way to the Massive oversized Tube Steel Gantry uprights and Tube Steel Gantry Bridge. This machine weighs in at almost twice the weight of its competition and comes 100% Welded so assembly is not required. This machine like many high end Mills and Routers is powered 100% by Ball Screw drive systems including a Dual Drive Ball Screw Y Axis powered by massive Name Brand 1Kilowatt A/C Closed Loop Brushless servo motors. Unlike the competitors Dual Drive Rack and Pinion this system will be highly dependable and won’t lose accuracy the older it gets. With the IS Series you can’t go wrong whether your project be Nested Based or one off this machine has the capabilities and precision to give you the edge over your competitors.

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  • About Company
    ShopSabre CNC

    Manufacturer of CNC Routers, Engravers, Plasma Systems

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