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    Sino-Holding Co., Ltd

    As a leading manufacturer of mechanical seals and sealing products in China, Sino-Holding Co., Ltd, with over two hundred staff, in our three factories, are specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing mechanical seals and sealing products. Founded in 1999, SH continue to rapidly grow through our exceptional investments and design development, headquartered in Beijing, have three modern factories in ZheJiang Province. Through constant development of more than 10 years, We have formed the four main products lines, being: ★ Standard Mechanical Seals We can provide a complete range of standard mechanical seals which could be equivalent to John crane, Eagle Burgmann, Flowserve, Roten, ANGA, AESSEAL, Latty, Roplan, Sealol and US seals. Besides that, We also manufacture and stock many thousands of individual seal designs for specific pumps and applications. Selected examples of pump brands that Sino-Holding can supply are listed below, and for more information, please contact our salesmen