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Type:Waterjet Cutters
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Pump Output:60,000 PSI
X-Axis Travel:118.1 "
Y-Axis Travel:59.06 "
Z-Axis Travel:5.906 "
Table Size-W:59.06 "
Table Size-L:118.1 "
Power:45 hp
Control:CNC (Ncstudio control)

Product Overview

Water jet cutting machine SN1520:
Metal cutting
1) Decoration, decoration of stainless steel and other metal cut processing.
2) Manufacture of machinery and equipment
enclosure (such as machine tools,Food machinery,
medical machinery, electrical control Cabinets, etc.)
3) The metal parts cut (such as stainlesssteel flange,Semi-finished, steel construction, non-ferrous metals,Metal, special metal materials, etc.
Glass cutting:
1)Appliance glass cutting (gas stove surfaces, range hood,disinfecting Cabinet, TV, etc.)
1)Bathroom products (shower)
2) Construction and decoration glass, glass, automotive glass.
Ceramic and Stone cutting:
1) Water jet in the field earlier in the domestic customers the absolute number of the largest in this area is mainly used for the Arts
2) Surgery puzzles, Chinese ceramic, stone art puzzle products are exported to all over the world.
Engraving and marking:
After set the suitable water power and speed,the cnc water jet machine suit for engraving and marking metal,stone,ceramic.
Feature of cantilever type CNC water jet platform:
1 Open on three sides of the table, loading and unloading more convenient
2 The machine bed and the load-bearing platform sub-structure, the load-bearing platform for long-term force change will not affect the machine precision, the number of Control movement institutions and support the workpiece table for the sub-structure, to put an end to the cutting process due to water flowing in sports Degrees.
3 Cutting platform X beam (gantry) using disposable aluminum extrusion
Material, light weight, steel is strong, is not deformed.At present, water jet cutting machine Bed in the most advanced technology.
4 Y to the whole protective cover, X to the use of advanced labyrinth protection to avoid cutting the pollution of the process of dust on the drive components Transfection; high-quality child care chain and a dedicated cable, durable, high reliability.
5 To drive the servo motor and ball screw connected by a flexible coupling directly connected to reverse the rigid coupling phase with other.Has the advantages of Reversible absorb vibration transmission accuracy.
6 With the international brand of high quality ball screw, linear motion guide drive mechanism to ensure that the movement speed and precision of the cutting head degree, 3m above itinerary is a turn Nut transmission. Long distance transmission more reliable super automatic travel limit and soft limit Bit dual protection function.
1)300Mpa,380Mpa,420Mpa,620Mpa UHP pump for choice.
2)Spain Fagor control system
3)4 or 5 axis cutting system
4)Water softening device
Processing size

Main Motor
Cutting precision
Power supply
Repeat positioning
Structure type
Cantilevered cutting platform
Max. Traverse speed
Cutting Precision
0.1mm,Repeat positioning precision:0.02mm
Imported zero clearance ball crew and line rail imported from Taiwan
Driver motor
Japan YASKAWA AC servo (Ac Motor)

Auto concentrate lubricating system
Main motor
Power supply
High-pressure Intensifier
Own brand or imported KMT
Waterjet cutting
head Orifice
0.17mm /0.25mm/0.30mm/0.33mm/0.36
Control system
WeiHong(Shanghai) software,can read the drawings very fast and easy operate
CAD/CAM software

About Jinan Sino Waterjet Technology Co., Ltd

Jinan Sino Waterjet Technology Co., Ltd was established on October 19, 2001. The company is located in the scenic Spring-city Jinan, the company registered capital of 5 million yuan. We mainly manufacture ultra-high pressure CNC water jet cutting machine,water jet cutter,cnc router,laser machine and accessories,CNC ultra-high pressure cleaning equipment and accessories production are as one of the high-tech innovation and enterprise. Currently we has a product line of 80 models of the three major product series. Set up more than 35 branches or offices in major cities in the country, our products across the country and exported to the United States, Germany, Australia, Vietnam, Italy, Venezuela, South Africa and other countries.Jinan Sino waterjet technology Co., Ltd has won the honors of "China Famous Brand", "China's high-quality brand-name products. Enterprise products obtained ISO9001 quality system certification in 2012. Jinan sino waterjet technology co., Ltd, engineering and technical personnel 25 people, the results of research and development has been more than 10 invention or utility model patents, and is widely used in the production of the product among. Jinan sino waterjet technology co., Ltd all staff are adhering to the "innovation, development, integrity and service" theme, establish the "honesty, innovation first, customer service, and common development" business philosophy, based on domestic, global markets around the core competencies industries continue to expand market space, innovation, pragmatic and enterprising, strode scale gathering rich new industry Group of the holy industry beliefs and social responsibility forward.


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