SINOVO VL-1600ATCAvailable In-Stock

CNC (Fanuc 0 IT)
  • Specs
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    Table Dia
    62.99 "
    78.74 "
    Work Ht-U/R
    49.21 "
    107.3 hp
    CNC (Fanuc 0 IT)
  • Product Overview

    Max.cutting height 1200 mm
    Max.loading 5000 kg
    Spindle speed 2-300 rpm
    Max.output torque 20000 N.m
    Stroke of X-axis 1975 mm
    Stroke of Z-axis 1056 mm
    Beam travel 1000 mm
    Rapid feed of X-axis 10000 mm/min
    Rapid feed of Z-axis 10000 mm/min
    Cutting feed 0.01-50 mm/rev
    Manual feed 0-1260 mm/min
    Turret forms 12 Tool
    Turret specification BT50
    Max.tool weight 50 Kg
    Max weight of ATC 360 Kg
    ATC tools change time 30 sec
    Spindle motor ((30minutes/continuous) 37/45(60/75) kw
    X axis servo motor 7.0 kw
    Z axis servo motor 7.0 kw
    CF axis servo motor 7.0 kw
    Beam lift motor 2.25 kw
    Hydraulic motor 3.75 Kw
    Conveyor motor 0.375 Kw
    Cutting water pump 100 Liter
    Hydraulic drive box 700 Liter

  • About Company
    SinovoTransmission Technologies co.,ltd.

    Sinovo Transmission Technologies Co.,ltd. was founded in 2007 and it’s a joint venture enterprise of mainland and Taiwan which mainly produce CNC vertical lathe, turning and milling center. The products pass international CE, EMC,ISO9001-2000 certification and has been offered to more than overall 40 countries and regions. And they are widely used in auto parts, aerospace, rail transportation, construction machinery, wind power, water nuclear power, petroleum, mining, metallurgy, elevators, bearings, textile, industrial motors, general machinery and other fields.

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