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SMW 150-S

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Type:Pallet Equipment


Pallet Load:1,000 lb
Pallet X:24 "
Pallet Y:16 "
Dimensions:15,3/4" X 23,3/4"
Weight:2200 lbs.
ATS Systems

About ATS Systems

ats workholding has the worlds largest selection of collet chucks. ats workholding's recent acquisition of smw systems broadens the range of their quality products. now known as ats systems, they offer solutions from start to finish. barfeed, workholding, rotary tables, steadyrests, set-up switchers, and pallet shuttles.

SMW 150-S

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CNC Systems, Inc.
40 Water St.
Kennebunk, Maine 04043
United States
Anstar Corporation
2521 Technology Dr Ste 208
Elgin, Illinois 60124-7892
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