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    37.5 hp
  • Product Overview

    Technical Parameter

    Model TDD1250
    H beam size (Web Height x flange width ) mm
    Max. 1250 x 600
    Min. 150 x 75
    Length (mm)
    Auto feeding ≥2700
    Manual feeding ≥610
    Max. workpiece weight (kg) 10000
    Thickness of web & flange,( Max.) 80mm
    Drilling diameter(mm)
    Vertical drilling Φ12~Φ40
    Horizontal drilling Φ12~Φ36
    Number of Spindles Total: 3 spindles(at top, left, and right)
    Rotating speed(Stepless speed adjustment)r/min 180~650
    Number of axis 7
    Feeding speed(mm/min) 20~300
    Feeding stroke(mm) Vertical drilling unit 240 or 325
    Left and right drilling unit 140
    Displacement of horizontal spindle(mm) In the direction of workpiece length 520
    Above vertical base level 20~580
    Displacement of vertical spindle(mm) In the direction of workpiece length 520
    Beyond horizontal base level 45~1160
    Rated power(KW) 28
    Overall dimension(L x W x Hmm) 4700 x 3050 x 3520
    Weight(Kg) ≈8500 (Appr.)

    Product Description
    1.The machine has 7 CNC axes of motion for feeding drilling.

    2.The machine has 3 drilling units, all the 3 drilling units can work simultaneously on the web and flanges of the beam. It can provide high efficient drilling capacity with wide range of holes diameters.

    3.Each of the spindles adopts the technology of self-controlled feeding, it can moves along the two coordinates and realize drilling feeding, which ensure three spindles drilling simultaneously on the three sides of an H-shaped steel.

    Machine advantages

    The web of beam is supported by many hydraulic support blocks in order to prevent deformation during drilling.
    Rollers type feeding, AC servo motor powers the feeding with dynamic speed control enabling the best drilling condition.
    The two horizontal drilling heads are different. One is fixed and the other one can do the horizontal movement which is adjustable in accordance with different web height.
    Imported external atomizing cooling system can prolong the drills life
    The control system consists of industry PC with PLC and control modules. Individual control console and electrical cabinet are fixed beside the main machine.
    Remote diagnosis and Ethernet connection is also available.

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    Jinan Liaoyuan Machine Co.,Ltd

    Jinan Liaoyuan Machine Co., Ltd, as one of earliest enterprises, With more than 20 years’ development, has developed into a integrated High-tech enterprises. And we are dedicated to produce CNC Machines, including drilling machine, Band saw,Marking Machine, Notching Machine for Power transmission tower and steel Structures.

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