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    SP Industries, Inc.

    SP Industries is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of service, product quality, and product design. We also remain committed to sincerely, professionally, and ethically serving the best interests of our customers. This commitment to quality is guided by the following principles: We recognize investments from our shareholders as confidence in the quality of our work and cultivate this relationship in order to reinvest in our future. We use 'best in the industry' components and work with our suppliers to stay at the leading edge of development to improve our products. We respect the needs of our customers and will meet those needs with unparalleled products, service, support, and value. Our position in our community will be to protect the environment and improve the quality of life where we work and live. Our safety and the safety of our customers will not be compromised. Communication and mutual support is the foundation of our organization, our innovation, and the service of our customers. We recognize the importance of competition and will strive to ethically and honestly maintain our share of the market. We are personally responsible for our actions and take pride in making a difference. We believe that success is measured by our ability to exceed expectations.