SR C1N-260

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Type:Gap Frame (OBS) Presses
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Tonnage:286.601 T
Stroke:9.843 "
Shut Height:19.69 "
Bed W:33.07 "
Bed L:59.06 "
SPM:30 spm

Product Overview

Item C1N-260

Type S
Capacity(Ton) 260
Rated Tonnage Point (mm) 7
Speed Changing( s.p.m) 30
Stable Speed( s.p.m) 15
Stroke (mm) 250
Die Height(mm) 500
Slide Adjustment (mm) 120
Slide Area (mm) 950×700×100
Bolster Area (mm) 1500×840×180
Shank Hole (mm) Ø
Main Motor (k.w.p) VS22×4
Air Pressure(kg/cm2) 6
Presses Precision GB(JIS)1class
Presses Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 2780×1850×4470
Presses Weight (Ton) 32
Die Cushion Capacity (Ton) 14
Stroke (mm) 100
Die cushion effective area (mm2) 810×480

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SR C1N-260

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