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Type:C-Frame Presses
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Tonnage:9.921 T
Control:CNC (CNC)

Product Overview

Micro Smart Press MS-A seres:
Product Features:
Advanced Safety clutch, precision multi cylinder oriented, intelligent man-machine interface can be expanded.
Scope: used precision electronics, electrical metallic and nonmetallic parts stamping as well as the field of
automated stamping production line.

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Shenzhen SR Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

About Shenzhen SR Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong SR Enterprises Ltd is an international manufacturer of precision punching , and many well-known companies have over 15 years of experience in cooperation. With advanced technology and equipment and management experience, has maintained a leading position in precision punching . Professional production of 3 tons to 1,500 tons a desktop small punch energy- conversion type precision punching and high-speed presses, product performance and stability, the model is complete , we are committed to provide you with customized products and services to meet customer demand as the goal has always been , continue to provide specialized solutions for various industries . The company's existing presses and peripheral products nearly 30 species, fully able to meet your one-stop shopping stamping equipment . More than 30 service outlets across the country , ready to provide you the fastest, most attentive service .


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