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Type:Gap Frame (OBS) Presses


Tonnage:220 T
Stroke:7.874 "
Shut Height:17.73 "
Bed W:32.3 "
Bed L:55.12 "
SPM:50 spm
Weight:52,000 lbs
Stamtec, Inc.

About Stamtec, Inc.

Stamtec, through our parent company, is one of the largest press builders in the world, with more than 50,000 presses sold; 1500 employees; 6,500,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space and with facilities in the U.S., Taiwan, China, and Japan, producing more than 3,000 presses per year. We are one of the most prominent and proven press manufacturers in the world. Our presses are acknowledged worldwide throughout the metal stamping industry for quality, reliability and proven performance. For almost 60 years, we have recognized our customers as long-term partners, growing together, and our presses are now operating in over 40 countries around the world. Take advantage of this global strength, and grow with us as we grow with you.


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