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    The STENHØJ Espholin H-compressor is a twin stage V-unit with an air-cooled inter-cooler between the cylinders. The air is drawn in on the low-pressure side through an efficient air filter, passing through the air-cooled intercooler to the high pressure cylinder to the final working pressure. STENHØJ has manufactured Espholin 30 bar piston compressor in cast iron since the early 1990's. The compressor has a low rotation speed for long life.

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    Stenhøj Holding A/S

    The STENHØJ Group is Danish-owned and situated in Jutland, Denmark. STENHØJ as a company was founded in 1917; and has since then specialized within the same three business areas; i.e. automotive lifts, compressors and hydraulic presses. Since 1993 a fourth business area has been added to the existing three business areas - the service area.

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