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    JBDW-300D Computer Control
    Low Temperature Automatic Impact Tester

    The impact tester is used for testing the impact resistance of the metal material at a low temperature and dynamic load state so as to determine the property of the material at the low temperature and dynamic load state. The impact tester is a testing instrument indispensable to the material test and the research and development of new materials by units of metallurgical machinery manufacturing and scientific research testing.
    The tester is automatically controlled by a microcomputer and electrically and mechanically controls the pendulum raising, pendulum hanging, feeding, positioning and impacting. The tester, which is equipped with a special sample feeding device for automatic feeding, automatically positions the end face of the test sample, ensures that the time from discharge to impact of the test sample is not more than 2 seconds, and meets the requirement of a metal low-temperature Charpy impact test method. After the test sample is punched and cut, the tester can utilize residual energy for automatic pendulum rising and preparation for next test and has high working efficiency. The microcomputer can calculate and display the impact absorption power and impact toughness of a material, a raising angle of a pendulum hammer and the mean value of the test, and can print the data of the current test and the mean value of the test. The temperature index can fully meet various temperature controlling requirements stipulated by national standard GB229-2007.
    JBDW-300D Microcomputer Control Low Temperature Automatic Impact Tester: adopting a compressor for refrigeration.

    Specification Technical:
    Model JBDW-300D
    Impact Energy 150/300J
    Included Angle of Impact Blade 30°
    Pre-raising Angle of the Pendulum Hammer 150°
    Distance between the Center of the Pendulum Shaft and the Impact Point 750mm
    Impact Speed 5.2m/s
    Span of the Test Sample Support 40+0.2mm
    Round Angle of Tong Mouth R1-1.5mm
    Round Angle of Impact Blade R2mm,R8mm
    Specification of Test Sample 10mm×10mm×55mm
    Capacity of Test Sample Box 6 pieces
    Refrigeration Mode Liquefy nitrogen
    Low Temperature Range 0~-190℃
    Temperature Control Precision Fluctuation ±2℃ Grads: 3 degree
    Over Size 1600x850x1530mm
    weight 880kg
    Impact test POWER AC 380V  50Hz

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