• Product Overview

    SPTM-13B Digital Universal Toolmaker's Microscope
    The master microscope is equipped with multiple eyepieces and objectives, with large view field and sharp imaging; The photoelectric and digital technology is adopted, taking the precision grating scale as sensory element, with high accuracy of measurement; Advanced computer processing technology is adopted to input collected real-time signals in the grating and video data system into the computer; which were processed by the powerful 2-coordinate measuring software, this instrument can effectively fulfill all kinds of complicated measuring work; The master microscope can out-beat left and right, suitable for the measurement of helical parts; The transmission and indirect lighting can measure profile and the surface sizes; High-speed movement and vernier arrangement are installed and can be switched over speedily; Multiple accessories of tailstock, V-type support, height-measuring device, etc. are equipped, with wide-range uses.
    Universal Toolmaker's Microscope can measure:
    -Measuring the intermediate, coarse and minor-diameter, pitch, tooth-form semi-angle of the external screw-thread for screw-threads, leading screws, worms, etc.;
    -Measuring the lead, saw-shaped angle and tooth profile angle of the gear hobber;
    -Measuring the figure and location errors of the position degree on the circuit board, on drill jig, or on aperture plate and those of the symmetry on the keyslot, etc.
    Measuring various forms of shaped parts, e.g., sample plates, form turning tool, form cutter, punching die, cam, etc.;

    Technical parameters:
    Model SPTM-13B
    Range of X-coordinate (mm)      200mm
    Range of Y-coordinate (mm) 100mm
    Resolution: 0.0002 (mm)
    Worktable area (mm) 260x270mm
    Accuracy of the instrument: (1+L/100)μm,
    Angle tilting range:  ±12°      
    Maximum diameter gripped by the tailstock:  φ100 mm
    Maximum length gripped by the tailstock:  700 mm
    Transmission lighting: 24V  150W Halogen tungsten lamp
    Reflecting lighting: 24V  150W Halogen tungsten lamp
    Overall sizes of the instrument (mm):   1300×1250×800
    Mainframe weight: 450 kg

  • About Company

    Being a professional manufacturer and exporter in the field of of quality test instruments, Sunpoc mainly supplys optical profile projectors, video measuring machines, toolmaker microscopes, digital readout, linear scales, hardness tester, digital caliper and measuring software, etc. The products are widely applied for in the industry of mechanic, electronic, mold and hardware for quality control etc. Adhere to the "quality first, users first" business purposes and “Creating the 1st class domestic supplier, setting up international name brands” as the developing target of the enterprise, the Sunpoc team has worked and researched with constantly efforts to improve the quality and explore new products to serve the customers better. Under the scientific and strict management and always deliver on time and honor the contract, Sunpoc has enjoyed a good reputation both home and abroad. Currently our product has passed the ISO9001:2000, Certification of 2000 International Quality Control System, CE Certification and verification of ISO1002-1 Metering Certification System. Sunpoc has already established some distributor in mainly district in the world with its service and technical support networks. At the same time, our team will bring professional service for each of our customer. Today, we are willing to work with the worldwide lifeful partner for a better tomorrow, to climb up a new height of optical measurements. Let us fight together!

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