• Product Overview

    WAW–C series hydraulic universal testing machine (UTM)

    WAW–C series of microcomputer electro-hydraulic servo controlling universal testing machine is high performance, high configuration model, and especially suitable for analyzing and testing materials precisely of the detection , academy, tertiary education institutions, war industry and so on ,;Also apply to the metallurgical enterprises mass in the trial. A metal stretch, compressed, curved, cut, etc, can be configured the common temperature test, can do the test  with the high temperature and low oven. It also used to non-metal materials such as wood and cement, concrete, rubber.
    High rigidity principal machine, logical structure, reliable performance and long serve life;
    Clearance mechanism fully eliminated clearance effect on the test result;
    ●Dial type motor drives the turbine pares to drive the screw moving up and down screw post, adjust the test of space, steady transmit, screw is not rotary, position accuracy , completely ensure geometric accuracy of the principal machine .
    ●There is scale board between a card board and a jaw building , effectively protect against a jaw building from the destruction of wear and tear;
    ●Underneath oil cylinder, double test space, the low test position, and convenient to replace auxiliary and handling the specimens;
    ●Servo oil tank uses gap seal and special no pressure support oil film without frictionless guidance technology;
    ●Microcomputers table servo oil source and electric integrative control cabinet ,is practicality and good appearance .The servo oil source  is configured by import NACH engage in a high-pressure gear pump and servo valve, accurate control;
    ●Independent hydraulic chuck with low noise, ensure stable chuck and break without dropping out;
    ●specialized digital card ,full digital closed-loop control system, quick response speed, high reliability and high ability to resist interference;
    ●Software designed of realizing the testing force and displacement, deformation of three closed loop precision control, control type switch   smoothly, completely meet GB/ T228 – 2002 requirements of <>;
    ●Control system with the network interface, It is continent for laboratory operation and transmit the test rests.

    Model WAW-300C
    Maximum test force(kN) 300
    Valid measurement range of test force 2%~100%FS
    Test force accuracy ±1%
    Deformation measuring devices Extensometer
    Deformation measurement accuracy ±0.5%
    Moving measuring Optical encode, resolution:0.01mm
    Piston stroke(mm) 255
    Testing space(mm) Tensile 650mm
    (including Piston stroke) solidity 550mm
    Testing space move system Dial type motor, Screw drive turbine
    Distance of compression space(mm) 490mm
    Overload protection 2%-5%
    Holding wide of flat specimen(mm) 75mm
    Holding thickness of flat specimen(mm) 0~15mm
    Holding thickness of round specimen(mm) Ф10~Ф32mm
    Press plate size (mm) Ф120mm
    The max distance of bending support(mm) 400
    The width of Bending Roll support(mm) 140
    Bending curvature(mm) 100
    Clipping sample diameter(optional)(mm) Ф10
    Pump motor power (kw) 2.2
    Beam motor power (kw) 0.75
    External dimension(mm) 940x630x2010
    Control box size(mm) 1010x650x870
    Weight (kg) 2500
    Power supply 380V 50 Hz

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    Being a professional manufacturer and exporter in the field of of quality test instruments, Sunpoc mainly supplys optical profile projectors, video measuring machines, toolmaker microscopes, digital readout, linear scales, hardness tester, digital caliper and measuring software, etc. The products are widely applied for in the industry of mechanic, electronic, mold and hardware for quality control etc. Adhere to the "quality first, users first" business purposes and “Creating the 1st class domestic supplier, setting up international name brands” as the developing target of the enterprise, the Sunpoc team has worked and researched with constantly efforts to improve the quality and explore new products to serve the customers better. Under the scientific and strict management and always deliver on time and honor the contract, Sunpoc has enjoyed a good reputation both home and abroad. Currently our product has passed the ISO9001:2000, Certification of 2000 International Quality Control System, CE Certification and verification of ISO1002-1 Metering Certification System. Sunpoc has already established some distributor in mainly district in the world with its service and technical support networks. At the same time, our team will bring professional service for each of our customer. Today, we are willing to work with the worldwide lifeful partner for a better tomorrow, to climb up a new height of optical measurements. Let us fight together!

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