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    560 RPM
    CNC (PLC)
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    CNC H Beam Drilling Line

    Product Basic Parameter:

    Model TSWZ1000 TSWZ1250

    Work piece
    Size H-beams Max. (web height Flange width) (mm) Max. 1000x500 1250x600
    Min. 150x75
    Length (mm) Auto feeding 3000
    Manual feeding 690
    Max. Workpiece weight (kg) 5000 10000
    Thickness of web & flange (mm) 80
    Drilling dia. (mm) Vertical drilling 12~ 33.5
    Horizontal drilling 12~ 26.5
    Drilling spindles No. Of spindle One spindle on each of three sides (top, left, right) Total: 3 spindles
    Rotation speed (stepless speed adjustment) (rpm) 180~650
    Max. Feeding ** (mm) (Left, right): 140 (Top): 240 or 325
    Feeding speed(mm/min) 20~300
    Movement of left/right spindle (mm) In the direction of workpiece length: 520
    Above vertical base-level: 30~470 Above vertical base-level: 30~570
    Movement of top spindle (mm) In the direction of workpiece length: 520
    Beyond horizontal base-level: 910~45 Beyond horizontal base-level: 1160~45
    Overall dimensions (L W H) (mm) 4450x3050x3520 4700x3050x3520
    Total power (kW) 28
    Machine weight (kg) Appr. 7000 Appr. 8500
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