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Type:Gantry Type Drills
Control:CNC (FAGOR8055)
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Table-W:98.43 "
Table-L:98.43 "
Control:CNC (FAGOR8055)

Product Overview

Gantry Type CNC Plate Drilling Machine
The machine is mainly composed of bed(worktable), gantry, vertical ram-type drilling spindle, hydraulic system, cooling system, auto-lubricating system, CNC system, electrical system and chip-conveyor etc.
Product Description

Technical Parameters
- One or more movable slides are equipped on the crossbeam of gantry. The slides are guided by two liner roller guide pairs anddriven by AC servo motor and precise ball screw respectively.
-The slides on the cross beam are equipped with verticalCNC feeding ram-type drilling spindle, which adopts special conversion motor.Stroke self-controlled drilling unit can make the drill approach workpiece rapidly, when the drill touchesthe workpiece, it can change the feeding speed immediately to preset workingspeed automatically. After the hole is drilled through, the drill returnsautomatically and rapidly.
-Heavy-load liner roller guide pairs areequipped on two sides of the machine bed respectively. The longitudinal movement of the gantry’s twosides is driven synchronously via AC servo motor and precise ballscrew.
- Hydraulic system, used to clamp and release theworkpiece, keep enough clamping force during drilling process.
- It adopts FAGOR CNC system, equipped with RS232interface and LCD screen.
- Programming software based on Windows platform with CADconnection, fast and convenient programming and visual preview. It canrecognize the flange or plate automatically.


Model CJ2525Z-1/2
Max. range of workpiece(mm) 2500×2500
Max. thickness of workpiece(mm) 80/200
Drilling spindle
Max. drilling dia.(mm) Φ50
Rotation speed of spindle(r/min) 120-450(stepless speed adjustment)
Spindle motor power(kW) 1×7.5 or 2×7.5
Chip removal and cooling Automatic  chip removal, coolant circulation cooling Cooling pressure 0.4-0.6 MPa
Electric system
No.of axes 4 or 6
CNC system Spain FAGOR8055 CNC system + Mitsbish PLC
Total power(kW) 25/32

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